Class Notebook Setup

Every class you create in Microsoft Classroom will come with a Class Notebook, which can be used for organizing and delivering instructional content. It can also be used by your students to organize course notes or complete class work. Before it can be used, you must complete the setup process. In this tutorial, I will show you how to complete the setup process and various options available to you.

Working with the Files Folder

In this tutorial I will show how the files folder can be accessed and used with your class. Each class you teach will come with its own file folder which is essentially a OneDrive for you and your students. I will cover the default access settings of this OneDrive and show how students receive a copy of each assignment in their personal OneDrive. You will also see how the instructor can add documents through the New menu and the Upload menu.

The Announcements Feature

In this tutorial I show how the announcements feature can be used to broadcast reminders and updates to your students. Each announcement can include a link to a website and is locked for replies. This can be useful for intentional, one-way announcements you need to send out. Each announcement will post on the classroom home page and the conversations area.

Using Conversations (Online Discussions)

In this tutorial I show how teachers and students can use the Conversations area to conduct online discussions regarding the class content. Teachers can post a topic or prompt and everyone can participate in a threaded discussion. Students can write their main response and also reply to the thoughts of their classmates individually. The Conversation area looks similar to an email inbox and provides an activity stream of all the class content, including calendar events, assignments, announcements, and discussions.


Working with the Class Calendar

In this tutorial I will show you how the shared class calendar can be accessed and utilized by you and your students. Each class you teach will have its own calendar that will house assignment information and other relevant class events. As the teacher of the class, only you will have the ability to edit and add calendar events.

Complete a Group Project Assignment

In this video tutorial I show how students can complete a group project assignment in Microsoft Classroom. The tutorial includes how to start the project file, how to share it with group members, and how to turn in the file to the instructor. This is different than a basic assignment, because the group leader must create the file in their own OneDrive and attach the file when submitting it to the instructor.

Create an Assignment that Requires Group Work

In this video tutorial I will show you how to setup an assignment that requires students to work in groups. You will see the specific process the group will take to generate one file and complete the project by working together on one file.

Create an Assignment that Utilizes a Template

Instructors often create template documents for students to work from to complete an assignment. In this tutorial I will show you how to create an assignment and attach a template document that gets copied out to each student for online completion. You will also see how the student will access the attached template to complete the work.

How Students View their Graded Work

In this tutorial I demonstrate how a student can access their grade for an assignment in Microsoft Classroom. I also show how a student can re-open the submitted assignment to view comments from the teacher and how they can contact the teacher using the assignment discussion thread. This is another good video to show your students as they get started with Microsoft Classroom.

Reviewing Submitted Assignments

In this tutorial I cover how to access, review, and grade submitted assignments. I also show you how to set the total possible points for an assignment and how to export the grades to a spreadsheet format. This is truly the greatest piece of Microsoft Classroom where you are able to do all your grading online without having to carry around all that paper. Please email or comment if you have any questions.